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16 August 2012 @ 08:35 pm
new beginnings.  
so tomorrow starts my diet for real, whether or not i stick to it who knows really...i am determined to stick to it no matter what. i just feel like as of lately i have so many things i need to adjust in my life. i'm working on getting rid of all this negativitiy i have build up and to just continue living in the moment & enjoying my life with the people i care the most for.

work has become so stressful due to a few things that have taken place but i can't let that create problems in my life. i feel like i'm finally starting to shape into the person i used to be, to the person i was way before you were in the picture. right now all i'm focused on is me, the few good friends i have left, my babies & my family. i'm way beyond bless and i have no one to think but the good man above.

i haven't been happy for a while now, i forgot what it even feels like to be happy. i've been used to going out and getting drunk & making the stupiest decisions ever; so from now on those days are over, i dont like the person i was letting myself turn into. so from now on my weekends will be well spent with my grandpa, family & babies. heres to be happy, living life, being positive & family time.<333333