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30 January 2013 @ 10:28 am
just a ramblin'.  
so it's been quite a long time since i last posted in this stupid thing, probably because my emotions have been so messed up & i've not been able to comprehend how i'm feeling. after reading through almost all of my previous post i've realized i need to quit worrying about my damn past so much, that i need to just focus more on my future. i need to quit trying so hard to erase all the feelings i have for you, because no matter how bad i want those feelings to disappear there still gonna be there. i dont know why i'm still after so long, having so many issues of just letting you go like you let me go.

it is a new year, so i'm trying to let my past be nothing more than my past & i'm trying to focus more on myself and just being happy. i still have my job, i'm still driving and i'm working hard for everything that i have. i've been so blessed, more than i deserve & i give all the thanks to the big man above. last year i did lose another best friend, sucks to lose someone your so close with for so long; but there's nothing more that i can do, i just got to wish her the best and hope that she's happy. it just seems that i have no luck what so ever with having friends that are girls, seriously. that's probably why i have more guy friends than girls. god gave us another baby in the family & i'm a aunt again; allie is truly a blessing from above. i'm thankful that i am able to get my nieces & nephews things that i know they will like. i technically don't have nephews but kaleb & pierce feel more like nephews than cousins to me. god has blessed me with another wonderful year with all my family members that i love so much and i couldn't be more happier.

cheers for the new year to come and all the blessing god will bless us with<3