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27 March 2011 @ 06:40 pm
It's been on my mind for a while now.  
so where to even start: it's been about three weeks since you broke up with me. i still can't believe you've already found someone new. this has by far been the hardest thing i have ever had to do, but i know it's not the end of the world even though some days it feels that way to me. each day is a working progress for me, but i know eventually i'll be able to look at it as a good thing instead of the bad thing that i once thought it was. i know in the end, it's the best thing to ever happen. that doesn't mean i never cared or loved you, it really means the complete opposite. as much as i wanted to believe that you were the best thing for me, i knew better. i loved you to the point that it was unhealthy for the both of us. because i let you talk to me awful and i never should have let things get that far but i did. but i can say one thing, i have learned a hell of a lot by being with you. what we had wasn't love, because i know love is a two sided thing, it has to come from both people and it's quite obvious we didn't have that. i know one day i'll find someone that is much more fitted for me, someone to treat me the way i should have been treated the whole time i was with you. good things happen, then they come to an end; same for bad. that's life and you can do nothing but accept it for how it is and move on. and that's exactly what i'm doing NOW. letting go of what i thought i had with you. i could talk shit about you or talk about how shitty of a person you are. but deep down i know somewhere deep down inside of you, you do have good intentions; you just tend to go the wrong way about them. life has a plan for us all. i've swallowed my pride and have started to come to terms that this is how things are going to be: you've found someone new who makes you happy and i have always said that you being happy was really all that ever mattered to me. and your happiness is still all that matters to me now, your happy now and i can't fuck with that. all i can say is, karma will come around and get you when the time is right. so from now on,  i'm going to be happy too and live my life the best way i know how, and then when karma wants to strike it can. letting go, letting go, letting go now.